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Malleo Is A Result Of 12 Years Of Development. It Has A Backbone That Is Adapted To Your Company Needs.
At The End We Have One Malleo For Every Customer.
Having Malleo is a process with no short-cut, just hard working.

Malleo Features


  • Plan Name;
  • Phases, Every Plan Name Is A Phase, But Not All Phases Are A Plan Name;
  • Assemblies, Are Item List Built Inside The Phase;
  • Items, Everything Needed To Build A House;
  • Cost Code, Connects Item, Activity And Vendor;
  • Estimate File, A Collection Of Assemblies Needed To Build The House.


  • Manage Vendor Cost By Item/Division/Subdivision;
  • Manage Default Vendor By Activity/Division/Subdivision;
  • Load Estimate File And Merge It With Default Vendors And Its Cost;
  • Estimate File Creates The Budget.
  • Issue, Delete And Clone Purchase Order;
  • Allow Issue PO From PO Dashboard, A Live PO Request List;

Product Specification

  • Manage Specification Level (Trim Level);
  • Manage Plan Name Offered By Subdivision And It's Base Price;
  • Manage Options Offered By Plan Name And It's Price;
  • Manage Features Offered By Subdivision, Internal & Marketing;

Sales Admin

  • Create Spec Houses;
  • Manage Prospects Through Till Become Homeowners;
  • Manage Lot & Plan Name Selection;
  • Manage Option Selections And Its Colors;
  • Manage Contact Addendum;
  • Load All Contracts From MS Word Format, Print As PDF;
  • Closing Module Follow-Up The Sale.

Builder Support

  • Fill-In Lumber To Houses In Production;
  • Backcharge Vendor;
  • Schedule/Stage Of Construction;
  • Concrete Log;
  • PO Approve, VPO Approve;
  • Share Folder Access (Plans, Plats, ect);
  • Access To Options & Color Selected;

Vendor Portal

  • List Of All Subdivisions/Job Address;
  • All PO's Issued By Subdivision/Job With Status;
  • Send PO(Invoice) Electronically;
  • Follow Builder Approve PO Process;
  • Request PO & VPO;
  • Access To Inventory Report & Job Color Selection;
  • Payment Reports;
  • EDI Possible Case By Case;


  • Move The Workload Of Phone Calls To Internet;
  • Homeowner Starts The Case And Upload Pictures;
  • Warranty Office Can Send The Case To A Warranty Field Person, Builder Or Vendor;
  • Homeowner Manager The 2/10 Months List;
  • Manage Work Completion Agreements;

Accounting Integration

  • Connects With Your Accounting Software;
  • Can Send Or Receive Subdivision/Jobs/Cost Code To/From Accounting Software;
  • Send The Budget And Invoices Approved To Pay;
  • Control Insurance Expiration;
  • Generate Job Cost Reports;
  • Connects With Accounting To Invoice/Check Paid;

Electronic Data Interchange - EDI

  • In Case By Case
  • An EDI Solution Can Be Created To Speed Up The Process;
  • Between Your Company And Vendors.

Custom Reports

  • No Matter How You Want To See It.
  • We Will Create That Report.
  • Also We Can Create Excel Spreadsheet Connected To The Database.

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